About Our Church

Our congregation is made up of people like Martha, Mary, and Lazarus of old to serve the Lord together.

Our church isn’t fancy and modern; our congregation is pleasantly plain and simple but do our best to believe and follow the Lord faithfully.

From our church, you can experience the love and comfort of home. We have a joint service in English and Korean with live translation where we worship together as one.

Each church, built by Jesus’ love and sacrifice, has its own unique beauty.  With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our church, the Bethany Church of San Diego, to you.  With joy and open arms, we welcome all who are drawn by the uniqueness of our church to fellowship, to know Jesus more, to grow in faith, and to sing praises to God together.

First, we’d like to share that we are part of the Southern Baptist denomination.  The Southern Baptists Convention firmly believes in the authority of the Scripture and that it is the Word of God.  Therefore, our church models and is built on the strong foundation of the New Testament church.

Second, we value diversity and inclusion.  Our sermons are delivered in both Korean and English with real time interpretation.  In addition, all members of our church regardless of their country of origin serve in various capacities from administration to preparation of church events.

Third, our church feels more like a family than an organization.  You can surely find individual attention, love, and warmth with us.  In size, we may be considered a small church, but the faith and love of Christ each member has is in no way small as they have all experienced God’s richest grace and mercy.

Lastly, our Sunday School teaches children of all ages with the mission to systematically and soundly teach the bible to ensure the children do not lose their faith when they become adults.  Of course, we don’t forget to have fun!  We spend quality time with the kids in many sports activities and games.